When Fred Cutler produced
the first Wheelcover in 1985
for a Jeep dealer in Romford little did he realise what an industry he was to create.
Now of course we have all come to accept their use as probably the most cost effective way of promotion associated with 4x4 vehicles.

Over the years their use has extended from advertising dealerships to airlines. From promoting the London to Brighton Vintage Car Run to eating more British Beef and even a tree planting scheme in Africa.

In recent years the general public have begun to recognize that they too, as individuals, can get involved and we at Cutlers have been busy making bespoke Wheelcovers cheaper and more accessible. By investing in the latest technology, and even developing some novel techniques of our own, we have been able to keep the price within reach of all 4x4 users.

All of this makes Cutlers the most experienced and able manufacturer of Wheelcovers in the country.

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