All our Soft Wheelcovers are made to order and tailored to fit your exact tyre size. They are made from vinyls produced to our own very exacting specification making the soft wheelcover a superbly fitting accessory. These can be made up as plain colours or printed with your choice of logo or design.

The Semi-Rigid SR-Advance Wheelcover is a unique product developed by ourselves. This Wheelcover is extremely versatile and suitable for any application. Colour-Coding is one of the options, as well as the choice of a black or silver high-gloss finish. They are upgradable to a Lockable Stainless-Steel Wheelcover using one of our rings as shown below and like the rest of our range personalisation is no problem from a simple 1 colour design up to full colour photoprints.

The Stainless Steel Wheelcover offers the customer the chance to shine. With their high quality finish combined with the added security of an integral lock, these covers, used as an advertising tool, give your image a very professional look. Available with a black or silver high-gloss plastic centre dish which can also be colour-coded to match your vehicle. Once again personalisation from 1 to full colour is no problem.

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