Our design team have unsurpassed experience in helping people get their message onto one of our Wheelcovers. If you would like to make use of our expertise please feel free. We make no charge.


One-Off Designs for Small Businesses, Special Promotions, Shows & Exhibitions, or just for fun!. We can do it all at much less than you may think, just email us the details and we will produce a proof and quote by return.


We have never yet let a customer down on a deadline - even for a special design or promotion. Don't be afraid to challenge us.


As manufacturers we can make up a Wheelcover to order from our stocks of specially produced vinyls & plastics, in both Soft & Semi-Rigid forms, in a range of colours. If you have a particular requirement contact us and we can help you achieve your desired end product.


As the longest established manufacturer of Wheelcovers our knowledge of tyre sizes and their fit is unsurpassed. If you require anything special or unusual - just ask.


Whenever we print a batch of Wheelcovers we always print extra copies. We do this for two reasons. Firstly to ensure quality of print and secondly to hold a buffer stock for you to call off in an emergency. We appreciate the problems you may have of holding stocks of this kind and so we attempt to cover any eventuality that may arise.


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