Wheel Covers made for you, just the way you want them

Welcome to WheelCover.com

WheelCover.com is located at The Sign Maker in rural North Devon. In our wheel cover workshop, spare wheel covers are made for most 4x4's. They are made using quality materials in a number of styles and sizes. The soft vinyl fabric is of a substantial weight unlike the cheap imports often seen Online. We manufacture the SR Advance Wheel Cover which has a hard moulded disk with vinyl skirt, along with a durable soft vinyl fabric wheelcover.

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Blank WheelCovers

Plain wheelcovers without text.

Blank wheelcovers with a glossy black moulded disk are our basic SR Advance wheel cover. They have a soft vinyl fabric which wraps neatly around the tyre for a simple, yet professional, finish.

As standard the fabric skirt is black, however other colours are available and can transform the appearance of a black wheel cover. In addition to the hard disk we can make the whole wheelcover in the soft vinyl fabric for a softer finish.

Trade prices are available, just contact us to find out more about what we can offer you.

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Wheel Covers with Coloured Disks

Wheel covers with hard disk wraped in coloured vinyl.

As explained, the disk does not have to be black gloss - we can wrap it in any number of cast vinyls before the skirt is attached to the cover.

Our finishes include matt black, white, carbon fibre effect, camouflage, metallic colours and more. We can even order in special colours for a completely bespoke wheelcover that has been tailor made for you. We pride ourselves on crafting products that are unique and made to order exactly as you envision them. Nothing is too much trouble for the team to help your 4x4 vehicle stand out from the crowd.

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Personalised Wheel Covers with Lettering in One or Two Colours

Durable long lasting good value wheel covers.

Our personalised wheel covers with designs crafted using cut vinyl are long lasting wheel covers that are exceptionally good value. Popular with businesses and brands, we've had rave reviews for these types of wheel cover featuring any design you want!

These wheel covers are normally made with a single colour cut vinyl, although additional colours can be added to help you achieve a desired design. The advantage of this type of lettering, is that the vinyl is a solid colour with an impressive longevity.

Where large numbers of wheel cover are required, 25 or more, screen printing may be a more affordable option to consider.

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Personalised WheelCovers in Full Colour

Wheel covers printed in full colour.

WheelCover.com's full colour wheel covers may be the perfect option for your spare wheel - particularly if you're looking to add a personalised touch or showcase your business.

As our wheelcovers can be crafted just the way you want them - there are a variety of choices available to you. The whole disk can be wrapped with the design before the skirt is attached or the design can be printed and featured at the flat centre of your wheel cover (a lower cost alternative). For all of our full colour wheel covers, we laminate the print for longer life, protecting the design for as long as possible.

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Screen printed Wheel Covers

Screen Printed wheel covers.

Our screen printed wheel covers are crafted exclusively for trade outlets (with a minimum order of 25 wheelcovers). While this way of incorporating a design on a wheel cover is great value for money, you are limited to solid colour images and text without tones and shades reducing designing capabilities (though still making use of our made to order ethos).

With screen printing we can print onto hard disks or the soft vinyl wheel covers so that you can choose the finish that works for your trade customers.

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