4x4 Wheel Covers - Spare Wheelcovers - Spare Tyre Covers

Wheel Covers - Made just the way you want them.

Given our location in rural North Devon, we know the impact of choosing the right wheel cover! We can make spare wheel covers for most 4x4's along with soft wheelcovers for any vehicle including trailers. They are made using top quality materials. The soft vinyl fabric is of a substancial weight unlike the cheap imports often seen online. For coloured disks we wrap the disks in vehicle wrap vinyl before the skirt is attached. However it is even possible to paint them in our spray shop.

In addition to the wheel covers with hard mould disks, we also make Soft Tyre Covers in any of the fabric colours.

The Standard Black SR Advance Wheel Cover

Blank SR Advance Wheelcover with gloss

Blank wheelcovers with the glossy black moulded disk are the basic SR Advance wheel cover. They have a soft vinyl fabric which wraps neatly around the tyre. As standard the fabric skirt is black, however other colours are available - see below. They are supplied with a protective film which needs to be removed before use.

Cost £80

Trade prices are available for larger quanties.

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Wheel Covers with Standard Coloured Disks

We have a good slection of standard colours from which to choose; some are gloss and some are matt, in addition to a brand new design for 2023 - the camouglage wheelcover - which has a silk finish. As always we can also make a wheelcover with a bespoke colour so that your spare wheel stands out from the crowd (the cost of this can vary but we'd imagine this to incur a charge between £10 - £50 extra).

Matt Black Tyre Cover

Standard Colours (A)

Cost £120

Matt Colours - White, Black, Green, Dark Grey, Brown

Gloss Colours - White, Pine Green, Mid Grey, Silver, Wine Red (+£15), Forest Green (£15), Ultra Marine Blue, Taxi Beige (+£15), Gold
Silk Finish - Camouflage (+£30)

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Disk Colours

Wheel Covers Disks in Premium Colours

These wheel covers certainly have a wow fator about them with their premium finish! Smooth to the touch, bold in colour and crafted with expert hands - a premium coloured wheel cover could be just what your spare wheel is calling out for.

Premium Wrap Wheel

Premium Colour Options and Costings (D)

Cost £145

Matt Colours - Stealth Tundra, Aurumn Fire, Welsh Slate, Trenton Blue, Dark Sage, Phantom Black, Gun Metal Grey -(+£15)

Gloss Colours - Morpheus Black

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Premier Wrap

WheelCovers in Metallic Colours

The metallic quality of this vinyl would give your 4x4 spare wheel an enviable showmanship that stands out for all the right reasons. All of our wheel covers have a unique quality, but this vinyl in particular captures the eye with ease. If you're looking for a wheel cover that boasts quality, flair and style - a wheel cover designed with metallic coloured vinyl could be right up your street.

Wheel cover disk in metallic Forest Green.

Metallic Colours and Costings (D)

Cost £150

Matt Colours - Metallic Champagne, Metallic Titanium, Metalli cDeep Blue, Metallic Siler

Gloss Colours - Metallic Bronze, Metallic Ice Blue, Metallic Racing Green, Metallic Chestnut, Dark Red

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Metallic Vinyl Wrap

Wheel Covers with Carbon Fibre Effect

What a wheelcover! Finished with a carbon fibre effect, we admire the simple, yet impactful, stance of these one of a kind wheel covers. Crafted to have a professional appearance so that a wheel cover is given the finesse that it deserves, we can foresee these covers being popular among lovers of 4x4 vehicles. When partnered with handcrafted vinyl skirts, our carbon fibre effect wheel covers make quite the impression.

Carbon Fibre Effect

Carbon Fibre Effect (B)

Cost £140

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Wheelcover with carbon fibre effect disk.


Vinyl Fabric Colours

The soft vinyl fabric used to make the skirts which fit snugly around the tyre is black as standard. However seven other colours are available - Grey, Barley, Navy, Green, Brown, Wine and Royal Blue - for an extra £12 per wheel cover.

NB The piping around the edge will always be black.

Vinyl fabric colours.